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Take a moment to relax and unwind

Offering the town’s finest and exceptionally refreshing daiquiris.

“We Offer Nothing but The Finest!” which implies that our beverages have a consistent flavor and are completely free of gluten, sulfate, additives for preservation, and genetically engineered ingredients.

Enjoy the best Daiquiris in Galveston, swing by The Daiquiris Shack. Our superior daiquiris are guaranteed to leave you with no lasting soreness or hangover.

A Rejuvenating Experience

Good drinks and good vibes

Get to know us

Come to the Daiquiris Shack Galveston for a tranquil, rejuvenating, and pleasant getaway!

Our daiquiris among the town’s finest. Offering you a moment that will remain with you always remains our number one goal. Experience the most exquisite beverages and ambiance!

This week's cocktail

All beverages are subject to tax

You may get premium daiquiris of the finest quality from Daiquiri To Go, situated on Broadway at 41st.

We guarantee that our daiquiris will never lose their taste; however, and they are free of gluten, sulfate, preservation agents, and genetically engineered organisms.

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